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GAIN INSIGHT into your practice like never before, ALL FROM ONE PLACE.


CATEGORIZES marketing spend FOR YOU, calculating CONVERSIONS & REVENUE.


ROI tracks all your marketing, new patients, and results.
This allows your practice to have insight into the actual
revenue generated by your marketing campaigns.

With the Marketing Tracker ROI tool, you’ll
see where every dime goes and make
marketing decisions you feel good about!

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The ROI tool tracks your new patients, and organizes and
categorizes your marketing statistics for you, so you can
quickly and easily get a handle on your marketing spend.

With continuous feedback on all of your campaigns,
your staff can fine tune each of your marketing activities,
and increase your revenue and ROI.

Take the burden off your staff and let MMG Fusion's Marketing Tracker ROI do all the work.

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Marketing Tracker ROI is designed to make daily
processes simple and streamlined.

It integrates seamlessly with your practice management
software, allowing you to easily view marketing statistics,
which are automatically updated within the dashboard.

ROI puts all of your patient revenue information in
one place, so you can finally see the entire picture.

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No more time consuming data entries and paper trails to follow. Marketing Tracking ROI provides the right data at the right time, allowing your staff to focus on patients first.

Hours worth of recording, tracking, and calculating your practice's Return On Investment are now done automatically for you.

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See what local dentists across the country have to say about using MMG Fusion...

One of my favorite aspects is the clear, bottom line results we get on each marketing program. I would estimate that I have increased my marketing MMG  by as much as 25% year over year.      

Ben Manesh, DDS Bethesda Chevy Chase Dental

As a small practice I highly recommend having this ROI software for any size dental practice as it is a great tool whether you are a small or very large group of dental offices. MMG Fusion gives me insight into how many patients I have received for each type of marketing as well as an understanding of how my staff is handling the new leads coming in.

Ali Sarkazadeh, DDS - Congressional Dental Care, Rockville, MD

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