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KEEP TRACK OF ALL of your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ activities FROM ONE SPOT.


GENERATE REPORTS to analyze & MEASURE your social media SUCCESS.

OPTIMIZE Your Social Pages

Looking for help when creating your social
media sties? We’ve got it covered!

Our team is well versed in the culture & latest trends
of social media so that we can help you optimize your
social networks & reach their maximum potential.

A strong social media presence is a huge factor
in getting your business to rank locally.

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Integrated to your Practice Management Software, ROI Tracking
for Social Media displays the revenue stream coming in from
your Social Media presence
, along with your conversion
percentage and all new patients acquired.

Full analytics gives you a clear view of how you’re
engaging online
to easily monitor and track your
practice’s Social Media presence.

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Give Your Staff TOOLS For

Your staff can easily schedule out current and future posts
to Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Your staff can easily access
previous posts, and manage current and future postings.

Not creative? No problem! Just browse our full
dental library of engaging content.

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GROW Your Practice With

Your patients aren’t just a set of teeth… they’re people!
So go where the people are - online.

The engagement you achieve through social media
will set you apart from the competition, help strengthen
one-on-one connections with your patients, and create
more trust and perceived value for your practice.

Relationship marketing through social media is a
powerful tool
and, when used well, can generate
lots of new leads and patients.

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See what local dentists across the country have to say about using MMG Fusion...

Our office had never utilized social media platforms before and when we decided to test it out we panicked a bit! We were referred to MMG Fusion and they make everything so EASY! We would be lost without their insight and creative mind! We are so pleased with our social media audience and the online exposure it has brought the office.  Their cooperation and creativity have made our various entries in social media interesting and effective. No doubt I can vigorously recommend them. Go MMG Fusion!

Dr. Michael

McBride- McBride Dental

Since we contracted with MMG Fusion, our business has done nothing but ascend the ladder of online visibility. We have one of the oldest dental clinics in Georgia. We had generations walking through our doors, providing us with business. That, in and of itself, is a fulfilling relationship. But, in the real world, you must have connectivity through social networking and media. We were not able to provide that for ourselves in the professional sense that we would need to show online that we are one of the top dental offices in our area. So, that said, we are extremely happy with the results MMG Fusion has provided and will always continue to use their services.

Dr. Joseph Allen DDS - JBM Dent Inc.

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