MMG Fusion has allowed me to manage and grow both of my dental practices more easily, and more effectively than ever before.

This is the first dental software I have seen that combines every marketing tool I need, with usable real-time data, and interactive features to help me grow my practices.

Since we began using MMG Fusion we have already seen a measurable growth in new patients and revenue in both locations.

dr.matthew martin

Our conversion rate has increased from 7% at the start to now just under 36%.

As a practice we have generated over $1.2 MM in new patient revenue each year consistently over the last several years and are on our way to doubling this number with the help of this software.

dr.daniel deutsch
the washington center for dentistry

“We all have a vision for how patients are addressed in our practices. Every phone call is an opportunity to welcome new patients or impress our current base. But how do we know if our teams are consistently delivering a great experience? MMG Fusion uses sophisticated software to automatically capture, analyze, and organize phone calls. This is powerful tool to train our teams and review their choices of tone and verbiage. I want to deliver the “wow” factor on every phone call and this technology plays a critical role.”


“Our patients are increasingly forming their opinions about our practices from online reviews. My office has been able to get unprompted glowing reviews from some patients and has also been targeted by angry people with an axe to grind. The modern practice should have a structured system for encouraging positive reviews and tracking bad ones for structured follow up. I’m impressed with how MMG Fusion automates this entire process so that the public can see our best side.”


“MMG ChairFill is a GAME CHANGER. It is the first truly automated practice growth software. Connect it to your existing practice software, set your preferences (day, time, patients, procedures, production) and let it go to work in the background. ChairFill sees holes in your schedule, automatically contacts the perfect patients based on your preferences, and lets them instantly schedule online. When you know your chair will be full, you can focus on what matters most, your patients.”


Our office was not doing anything to help with Local Optimization prior to utilizing MMG Fusion’s services. We were not ranking under dentist in our city and we knew we needed to enhance our online visibility.

Now when you search for dentist in Wytheville, VA we are ranking #1. We rank #2 under dentist Wytheville. When we first started service we ranking #9 under cosmetic dentist Wytheville and now we rank #1!

Jeffrey Brian Pettit, DDS

The Local Optimization results my practice has received from MMG Fusion have been great!

Within the first two months of service with them my practice moved up from ranking #18 under dentist Olney

Dr. Kim When you search Google locally we are ranked #1 under Dentist Olney and #1 under cosmetic dentist Olney!

Olney Dental Group

A robust appointment reminder tool is a must have for a modern dental practice. The ability to communicate automatically via 2-way- text, phone, and email, coupled with online scheduling, dramatically reduces cancellations and gives your patients the best possible dental experience.


It’s hard to find the time to create a dynamic social media presence and regularly develop content. Social media channels can be a powerful source of new patients and a platform for educating existing ones about our services, so the effort is worth it! Fortunately MMG Fusion helps our teams create and schedule content efficiently. We can even track practice revenue from these initiatives so we can intelligently refine our marketing. Whether you’re a social media novice or expert, MMG Fusion has the tools you need to get results.


As a clinical practitioner it’s always been a daunting task to choose the best marketing for my practice, and to understand and interpret the results. When I was introduced to MMG’s Marketing Tracker software I was very impressed with the automation and ease of use. All of your marketing is tracked and measured automatically. I believe that having an unbiased tool that measures and increases your results will shed light on the mysterious “black box” that digital and traditional marketing has become.