Best of Class innovations push dentistry forward

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Part II of our coverage of the 2019 Cellerant Best of Class Technology Awards features interviews with dental professionals who have used these products.

Automated system works in the background to fill schedules

Ali Sarkarzadeh, DDS
Congressional Dental Care – Rockville, Md.

How did you first learn about MMG Fusion’s ChairFill?

I’ve been using MMG Fusion’s suite of services for a number of years. When they presented their new ChairFill product to me, I was eager to begin using it.

How long has your practice been using the service?

We have been using ChairFill since March of 2019.

What made you decide to use it in your practice?

We were most intrigued by the automation and ease of use. To manually sort, filter and contact patients from our records with unfinished treatment or missed appointments would take days with no guarantees of finding enough patients to make the exercise worth the time. ChairFill does all that work for us and runs automatically in the background to schedule those patients.

Describe how ChairFill fits into the way you practice?

ChairFill is like having two extra employees working in the practice. One focused on diagnosing what kinds of patients we need at what times in order to fill our various schedules, and the other focused on contacting and scheduling those perfect patients.

What would you tell a colleague if he or she asked what it’s like to use the ChairFill?

I’d tell them that the best part about using ChairFill is that you don’t have to use it. It operates successfully on its own after you get your preferences set.

What impact has use of the service made on your practice and your patients?

It has helped us meet our scheduling goals so that we’re working as efficiently as possible and seeing as many patients as possible. It has helped our patients by proving reminders and notices of last-minute openings or unfinished treatment plans they may have forgotten.

What has been the best part of using the ChairFill in your practice?

The additional practice efficiency. Fewer scheduled slots left open for hygienists and dentists.


Thinking and running all the time in the background, ChairFill will automatically grow your patient base and achieve your practice production and revenue goals. The software monitors available chair-time and mines patient records to identify the right kind of patients at the right time. It can selectively search patient records for the most profitable patients and proactively fill the schedule. ChairFill detects last-minute cancellations and fills those openings. At your election, it can manage marketing campaigns and help create a positive brand image for your practice.

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