How to Take Control of Your Practice With MMG Fusion

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How MMG Fusion manages your practice’s online presence, marketing and customer interaction­—all in one tool.

There used to be a time when you brought patients into your practice via an ad in the local newspaper or the Yellow Pages. But things are different in 2017.

Now, when patients are seeking out a dentist, they turn to places like Google and Facebook to see who is around and what people think of the doctor.

But while the internet creates new marketing opportunities, it also presents new challenges. Not everyone in the office is savvy enough to know how to get the best out of their online presence, or even know what search engine optimization (SEO) is. And that is where a product like MMG Fusion can help.

MMG Fusion is a suite of tools, available all-in-one as a bundle or a la carte in customizable solutions that helps not only with marketing and social media interactions, but also serves as a communication method to help keep in touch with patients.

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The appeal

For Dr. Ali Sarkarzadeh, DDS, of Congressional Dental Care, in Rockville, Maryland, MMG Fusion provides an easy-to-use interface that brings all of his patient communication tools together.

“I could drop numerous vendors and move to one dashboard with one login,” Dr. Sarkarzadeh says. “The intuitive nature of the products means there is no steep learning curve or overly complex systems like you find in some products.”

MMG Fusion also has very tangible results for Dr. Sarkarzadeh, showing him the results of his marketing efforts.

“I am able to accurately track revenue from specific patients and marketing campaigns with Marketing Tracker,” he adds. “It lets me know what is working and what is not so I can do more of the good and less of the bad. As a dentist, it helps me increase my new patient numbers, which increases my revenue. That’s really the most important thing. On a daily basis, it automates and simplifies tasks that previously may have required separate products or staff time and energy to complete.”

Integration and centralization were the big attractors to Dr. Matthew Martin, DDS, of Martin Dentistry in Fishers, Indiana.

“I saw a need for a lot of processes in my office to not only be automated but to be integrated,” Dr. Martin says. “There’re a lot of things that I could’ve been doing and tracking manually, or through a variety of programs, but when I looked into this, I found that I could have one platform that could do it all. I could go to one dashboard, because, as you know, everyone’s trying to sell a dental office something so that they can get a nice reoccurring monthly revenue stream going, and you can easily fill up your front office desks with eight dashboards. MMG does it all and it’s all easy. It’s all reported at once, accessible at once and does it all for us at once.”

For Kathy Cole, office manager at Twin Dental in Cincinnati, Ohio, the decision to adopt MMG Fusion was the result of a practice consultant’s recommendation.

“They suggested we use it to do things like our local reports, SEO and confirmation phone calls,” Cole says. “It works with us as far as confirmation of our calls and texting our patients on their appointments. Also, they do the surveys after the patients’ appointments.”

MMG Fusion also allows targeted marketing of specific services. For instance, Twin Dental is a general dental practice, but they’ll also market for specific offerings, and they were able to promote those services directly.

“We do try to market for implants, Lumineers and Invisalign,” Cole says. “We do all phases of dentistry here, so we really market with keywords like ‘sedation’ or ‘Lumineers.’”

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