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Unified communications

Unified COmmunications

Make Communications Simple And Empower your team to communicate with patients.

Software designed to help practices communicate and collaborate both internally within their staff, and externally with their patient base over sms, email, chat or phone.

Why use unified communications?

Enhance communication and collaboration within the office

Improve staff efficiency by simplifying communication and the sharing of information by using contextual internal notes

Improve the patient experience

Let your patients communicate with your office over any channel that they prefer without creating complications for your staff

Eliminate redundancy and improve office efficiency

Any staff member can pick up a conversation with a patient right where a previous staff member left off. No more missing data and no more re-entering data or re-asking questions of busy patients.

Speed up processes and improve patient engagement with detailed screen-pops

Always have relevant patient data at your fingertips whether on the phone or in person.

Automate information capture with AI Web Chat

Relevant patient data is automatically pulled from webchats, saving data entry time and ensuring important information is not overlooked or lost.

Seamless Integration

Integrations between MMG Fusion’s Manage, Market, and Grow product suites gives the practice access to every tool and service they need to be successful.

Top Features

Omni channel communication

Respond to patient over their prefered channel seamlessly (sms/email/chat/phone)

Contextual Internal notes

Enable collaboration by using internal notes in the context of each patient conversation to loop in other staff and providers

Task Management.

Our Artificial Intelligence (Ava) auto creates and assigns various tasks to your staff through the communications platform. Ava also tracks and analyzes how effectively your staff is completing these tasks.

Empower your team


Unified Communication is truly the one thing we cannot live without. We manage the communication with all of our patients in one place for sms, website chat, email and phone calls. Through unified communication we collaboratively communicate with patients on the channel that they are most comfortable with all from the same interface.

We improved our new patient generation from 7 per month to more than 75 per month by making it easy for patients to reach us however they prefer.


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