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MMG Fusion

The All-In-One Software Suite Working to Market, Manage, and Grow Your Practice.

Fill your chair.
Increase production and revenue.
Automate office management.
Create a great patient experience.


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Unified communications

patient portal

why MMG Market?

Be found. Be Chosen. Appoint.

Optimize your brand's online presence and reputation, all your patient communications, scheduling, payments, conversions, and marketing programs, while tracking everything back to specific patient revenue through a seamless connection to your practice management software.

Websites SEO & PPC

Attract new patients

72% of internet users went online for health information in the past year.

SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads have a 1.7% close rate.

Patient Engagement

Connect and Appoint

Dental practices lose 12% of their patients every year to natural churn. Constant and effective patient communication is critical for patient retention and satisfaction.

Local & Social Media

Be Found and Liked

Online directories are not doing your practice any good if new patients can’t find you on them!

MMG manages and optimizes your practice across more then 70 directories and helps you connect with your patient base.

Marketing Tracker Call Analysis

Better Decisions and Conversions

With 80% accurate source attribution it is easy to know exactly which marketing is working and which is not.

Reputation Management

Be Chosen

82% of online consumers consult ratings and reviews before purchasing a service. SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads have a 1.7% close rate.

why MMG Manage?

Automate. Be More Productive.

MMG Mange provides you and your staff with all the tools you need to manage your dental office, lower overhead, motivate staff, and improve your patient experience.
Our Virtual Office Manager works side-by-side with your staff, and with your other software tools, to identify and complete daily tasks. Leaving you free to focus on treatment.

Patient Portal

Satisfaction and Retention

When available 85% of patients use either their web app or native iPhone/Android app.

Lowering Churn and improving the patient experience.

Lower Churn. Patients will stay with the practice 35% longer.

Unified Communications

Connect and Collaborate

Dental practices lose 12% of their patients every year to natural churn. Constant and effective patient communication is critical for patient retention and satisfaction.

Task Manager

Prioritize and Streamline

Prioritizing and disseminating tasks based on real data can increase production, lower overhead and reduce patient churn.

HR & Performance

Empower and Motivate

The introduction of bonus system can contribute to up to a 15% growth in production if done correctly. Reduce staff overhead by 30% while improving efficiencies.


Actionable Data and Tasks

Actionable and accessible data and tasks are a prerequires for making smart business decisions. Track, monitor, and improve every practice location in your organization from one central hub.

GRow with chairfill

Automatically Appoint 6-8 New Patients a Month.

ChairFill will automatically grow your patient base and achieve your practice production and revenue goals. The software monitors available chair-time and mines patient records to identify the right kind of patients at the right time. It can selectively search patient records for the most profitable patients and proactively fill the schedule.
ChairFill detects last minute cancellations and fills those openings. At your election it will even manage marketing campaigns and help create a positive brand image for your practice.

Smart Scheduling

Fill the practice chairs and schedule with the patients who best fit their pre-set parameters (specific procedures, profit margins, time since last visit, etc.)

Customized and Personalized

Increases probability of scheduling contacted patients as every message to every patient is automatically customized by age, gender, and procedure.


Automatically re-activates and/or re-connects with patients who have unfinished or unscheduled treatments or due for a recall.


MMG Fusion has allowed me to manage and grow both of my dental practices more easily, and more effectively than ever before. This is the first dental software I have seen that combines every marketing tool I need, with usable real-time data, and interactive features to help me grow my practices. Since we began using MMG Fusion we have already seen a measurable growth in new patients and revenue in both locations.
Dr. Matt Martin


MMG Fusion has proven to be a valuable addition to our practice! The amount of customization available is incredibly conducive to our huge patient base and wide demographic and we have significantly less 'no-shows'. Signing on with MMG Fusion has definitely been a wonderful business decision!


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