Combines every marketing tool I need

“MMG Fusion has allowed me to manage and grow both of my dental practices more easily, and more effectively than ever before. This is the first dental software I have seen that combines every marketing tool I need, with usable real-time data, and interactive features to help me grow my practices. Since we began using MMG Fusion we have already seen a measurable growth in new patients and revenue in both locations.”

Dr. Matt Martin

Over $1.2 Million in Incremental Revenue!

“Thanks to MMG Fusion, conversion rate has increased from 7% to 36%  and we have generated over $1.2 MM in new patient revenue each year and are on our way to doubling this number.”

Dr. Daniel Deutsch

Significantly less ‘no-shows’!

“MMG Fusion has proven to be a valuable addition to our practice! The amount of customization available is incredibly conducive to our huge patient base and wide demographic and we have significantly less ‘no-shows’. Signing on with MMG Fusion has definitely been a wonderful business decision!”

Plaza Dental Associates

Like having two extra employees!

“ChairFill is like having two extra employees working in the practice. One focused on diagnosing what kinds of patients we need at what times in order to fill our various schedules, and the other focused on contacting and scheduling those perfect patients. It has helped us meet our scheduling goals so that we are working as efficiently as possible and seeing as many patients as possible.”
Dr. Ali Sarkarzadeh

Generates more positive reviews and more!

“Finally a product speaking to referrals, contracts, start dates and compliance rather than treatment plans. Generates more positive reviews, has a great library of ortho content for re-marketing and social media, streamlined patient portal for scheduling and payments, and more…”

Dr. Lou Shuman DMD
CAGS Orthodontics


“As the owner and operator of 12 orthodontic practices, I am always looking for ways to increase efficiency and returns while also guaranteeing the best possible experience for my patients. In the past, I have been forced to meet these goals using solutions designed primarily for general dentists. Sometimes these tools are still effective, but they are never as effective as this purpose-built solution has been.”

Dr. Yan Kalika

Increased treatment acceptance by 25%!

“More than 85% of patients in Soothing Dental use the MMG Patient Portal.  Patient retention improved by 15% and increased treatment acceptance by 25% through oral health score.  We also improve compliance by offering incentives like reimbursed Uber rides and other smart promotions which ultimately leads to a great patient experience. The ability to make payments online, complete medical and dental history and book appointments right from the portal has been invaluable to our practice.”

Dr Siavash Dehghani