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Patient Portal

Patient Portal

Create a great patient experience and increase case acceptance, patient compliance and retention.

A practice app for mobile and desktop. Patients can use the app to schedule appointments, communicate with the practice, make payments, complete forms, monitor their oral health score, order reimbursed uber rides, and access other patient incentives.

Why use Patient Portal?

Improve the patient experience

Make general practice interactions more efficient for patients and staff. (appointment scheduling, payments, form completion, incentives)

Save staff and patients time

Reduces a blocker to patients seeing the dentist and making practice operations more efficient.

Lower patient churn and engage with patients

Provides a unique engagement method that differentiates your practice from your competitors.

Meeting patients where they are

Patients are already on their smartphones, by meeting them you greatly increase your chance of scheduling, receiving payment, keeping appointments, or answering basic practice questions.

Gives patients access to their oral health score.

Allows the patient to see and understand how they can improve and/or maintain their oral health.

Seamless Integration

Integrations between MMG Fusion’s Manage, Market, and Grow product suites gives the practice access to every tool and service they need to be successful.

Top Features

Oral health score.

The oral health score (i.e. credit-score for patients oral health) is a baseline score and series of treatments and actions that a patient can take to improve and then maintain their score. It is calculated using past treatments, unscheduled treatments and other factors. The oral health score becomes another way to keep the patient engaged – lowering churn and increasing treatment acceptance.

Patient Incentives.

The patient portal allows patients to receive reimbursement for local uber rides or receive gift cards or other targeted promotions customized to each patient to increase treatment acceptance. These features differentiate the practice and make patients feel special. This keeps the patients with the practice for longer with only a minor expenditure on the part of the practice.

Patient Empowerment.

With the patient portal patients can independently book appointments, chat with the staff and dentists, and complete forms in a HIPAA secure environment. These features create a unique and pleasant experience for patients which lowers churn and increases referrals.

Patient Payments.

Patient portal allows patients to make payments towards their balance remotely. It also can be used by your staff in the office to run credit/debit card payments, create patient installment plans and manage disputed payments. The integration with Task Manager, increases collection while reducing card chargebacks.


More than 85% of patients in Soothing Dental use the portal. We have improved our patient retention by 15% and increased treatment acceptance by 25% through oral health score.

We also improve compliance by offering incentives like reimbursed Uber rides and other smart promotions which ultimately leads to a great patient experience.

Having the ability to make payments online, complete medical and dental history and book appointments right from the portal has been invaluable to our practice.


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