RevenueWell Compared to MMG Fusion - Who Won?​

The key to growing your dental practice, then easily managing it is getting and retaining better patients. It’s important to replace cancellations quickly, so your expensive staff isn’t standing around waiting.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if smart automation could do all this for you without worry or stressing staff?

Welcome to MMG Fusion, the smart Artificial Intelligence powered software that learns your practice, then does much of the work. All at lightning speed with remarkable accuracy and effectiveness.

Our ChairFill feature is a client favorite. It uses powerful AI to choose replacement patients for cancellations quickly. It rapidly finds a new patient who can and will fill the appointment. This feature alone is dramatically improving revenues for dental practices.

Our software is built with one focus. To increase profits while reducing the stress and hassles of managing your office. Easier to use, more complete, and far more effective than current dental software management leader RevenueWell.

MMG Fusion also helps build and improve patient relationships with:

  • The dentist
  • The dental hygenist
  • The dental lab tech
  • The office manager
  • The receptionist
  • Billing
  • Back-office staff.

Let’s face it. You aren’t going to have time to read a 20-page document filled with arcane analysis. We’ve created MMG Fusion with the busy dentist in mind.

You start now with the FULL Version of our platform. This lets you see the power, effectiveness, and lightning-fast efficiency of MMG Fusion.

We won’t make you settle for a “lite” version like our competitor, RevenueWell. You get 100% of the features to see for yourself how MMG Fusion can make your practice grow with easier administration, a much more efficient office, and the higher profits you want.

Five Simple Reasons Why MMG Fusion Beats RenenueWell

1 MMG Fusion’s Marketing Tracker lets you automatically track leads and revenue. Know precisely how new leads and patients find you. Be able to track your revenue to understand what marketing is working and which isn’t. Marketing Tracker automatically tracks leads and revenue back to their source, including SEO and PPC. RevenueWell does not do this.

Our Marketing Tracker tells you EXACTLY which ads and marketing methods are producing results. Now you can focus your budget on marketing that works while eliminating advertising that isn’t. You manage your advertising and marketing by the numbers without wasting money on guessing. Your profit margins will always be higher than using RevenueWell.

2 MMG Fusion also provides Call Analysis and Recording. This automates conversion and missed opportunity analysis. RevenueWell does not have any call analysis nor call recording capabilities.

Why Is This Important? Understanding where your calls are coming from and the concerns of current patients and prospects let you easily fine-tune your marketing messages for higher conversion and net revenue.

3 The #1 complaint from dentists just after “I need more patients” is “how do I fill a last-minute cancellation or no show?” MMG Fusion created ChairFill to do this for you automatically. It contacts the most profitable patients, based on their treatment plans, to fill the slot. It even offers online scheduling and confirmation so you and your staff can handle patients in your office instead of scrambling to do “busy work.” RevenueWell does not have this capability.

4 Assigning tasks to staff members takes time away from servicing patients. This often causes the stress of not knowing if you are assigning the right tasks to keep your practice growing. MMG Fusion’s Task Manager automates this process and analyzes Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Then it assigns and tracks tasks given to your staff. Guesswork is eliminated.

Having the right information at the right time is often the difference between a successful and profitable dental practice and one that struggles. With MMG Fusion, you can reach the full potential of your practice while reducing stress and non-billable hours.

5 These days, patients expect dentists to have an online way to pay. Many patients don’t feel comfortable calling to give credit card information over the phone. MMG takes care of the technical and security aspects of letting your patients pay online. This system is simple for patients and staff to use. It reduces your staff’s workload while making things faster and easier for patients. It also improves your cash flow by speeding payments with less office expense.

Create a smooth and enjoyable patient experience and improve patient communication without adding staff, stress, or additional workload on your current staff.

Are you ready to take your dental practice to the next level?

The next step is to schedule a demo. Visit this page ( and schedule a time that works for your schedule. We will show you the power and ease of using MMG Fusion to reduce your stress level and increase your net income.

What is RevenueWell?

RevenueWell is a company that has produced a software product called RevenueWell Enterprise, an online dental practice marketing, and patient communication software. They are a leading provider of marketing and communication software specifically designed to meet the needs of dental practices. The company’s Marketing Platform provides tools that help dental practices maximize their clinical schedule, increase case acceptance and keep their patient base engaged and loyal to the dental practice. RevenueWell’s solutions are HIPAA compliant and integrate with most Dental PMS solutions. RevenueWell has 170 employees and offices in Bannockburn and Chicago. 

How much does RevenueWell cost?

$399 per month.

When was RevenueWell founded?

RevenueWell was founded in 2010, and its offices are located on the Trinity International University campus in Bannockburn, Illinois. They also have two other locations in Chicago, Illinois, an
d Menlo Park, California.

Who owns RevenueWell?

RevenueWell is privately owned and operated with an estimated 50-200 employees. It was founded by Alex Nudel, who resides in Hallandale Beach, Florida.