MMG Fusion Launches Patient Portal

MMG Fusion, the all-in-one software suite working to Market, Manage, and Grow dental practices, has released the Patient Portal. A part of the new MMG Manage suite of services.

The Patient Portal was designed, tested, and continually improved by dentists and dental staff within MMG Fusion’s affiliated San Francisco group practice. Its primary functions are to increase patient satisfaction and retention by empowering the patient prior to and after practice visits. Prior to their first patient visit, new patients can enter the portal to complete their e-consent forms, manage their appointment scheduling, complete their medical and dental history, make payments, and even receive benefits like reimbursed uber rides to and from the practice.


The Patient Portal also uses artificial intelligence to assign an oral health score to each patient based on meeting or missing milestones such as recommended treatments and annual cleanings. The score helps patients easily understand and quantify the value of recommended treatments which reduces the unscheduled treatments by 25%.

Paul Intlekofer, CEO of MMG Fusion

“Patients in today’s fast paced tech savvy world want to be met where they are, on their smart phones,” said Paul Intlekofer, CEO of MMG Fusion. “By giving patients the power to more efficiently schedule, pay, collect information, or understand the value of proposed treatment we are making trips to the dentist as easy as using Uber, OpenTable, or online banking.”

The Patient Portal also brings great benefit to the practice.

When a practice combines the Task Manager and Unified Communications tools from the MMG Manage Suite with the Patient Portal (the full “Virtual Office Manager”, referred to as AVA), they have the most intelligent, robust, and seamless line of communication to their patients. Resulting in staff saving time and energy as patients complete tasks and answer questions on their own, while still having live help a text or call away. After implementing the Patient Portal dental practices have found that 85% of patients choose to use the app, and these patients stay with the practice 35% longer then patients who do not.

The Patient Portal will also be a primary facilitator of MMG’s Tele-Dentistry.

Patients and practices will be able to have fully remote phone or video appointments from any device in any location simply by logging into the portal.