From Alexa to Ava: Meet the Virtual Assistant Who is Ready to Revolutionize Your Practice

Lou Shuman, DMD, CAGS, CEO and Founder of Cellerant Consulting

For years, the conversation about technology was built around an emphasis on specific tools and functions. It was necessary justifying something new required specificity. That’s why, when I first became aware of the company MMG Fusion, the most efficient way to communicate its value to the dental community was to focus on its most innovative tool: ChairFill.

I wrote about ChairFill at length and how it is able to monitor available appointment times and analyze patient data to identify and connect with patients who best meet your scheduling gaps, down to procedure type and profit margin. It was an important story to tell, but I think it is time to tell the rest of the story.

MMG Fusion is more than just a collection of outstanding tools – ChairFill, unified communication and a state-of-the-art patient portal. It is poised to help practices fully realize their potential to market, manage and grow by providing a virtual office manager to help make the integration between the three seamless: Ava. “She” is able to evaluate the verticals, actually prescribe what is necessary to maximize the growth of the practice and be the central hub making sense of increasing amounts of data – from potential patients, to schedules, treatment acceptance and more.

“A lot of people have tools, but we’ve made every tool and then integrated them together. With Ava, we make every tool work better, improving the overall performance of the staff,” said Paul Intlekofer, CEO of MMG Fusion. “Ava, as a program, is able to think, learn, analyze and do. It can work independently in ways that will surprise you. While our competitors are constrained by having DNA in a specific area, like phone systems, we are able to deliver Ava as a force multiplier for every tool in our system.”

For too long, there has been apprehension around the ways that technology – especially in patient-facing processes – might devalue the experience; after all, there’s no replacement for a human being on the other end of the phone. That is why the MMG approach is so impressive: It provides the software to get a potential patient’s attention, bring them to the practice website, facilitate that person choosing your practice, and schedule online. It allows the practice to have touch points that meet patients where they are (and when they are – a lot of searching and scheduling happens at night), and setting up interaction so that the patient loves you before they even step in the door. The technology is setting up your practice for success – seamless, paperless, and accessible. You and your team will be better able to serve patients with the information and feedback MMG Fusion and Ava make possible.

“We can still sell bundles that stack up against our competitors,” said Intlekofer, “but our goal for the next phase of MMG Fusion is to help people appreciate that while you can buy the tools, it will change your practice, and your life, if you see it as a system – one platform that does it all.”

To learn more email the COO of MMG Fusion, Chris Rom, personally at or go to to schedule a demo.